Mobile Video game Parties and airsoft 

Rates and Services

2 Hour Party:
$300- With this you get a classic GAMERVEE party. The GAMERVEE can hold 20 people and 17 people can play at a time. There are 4 video game consoles and 4-40" monitors.

4 Hour Party:
$500- You pay $500 for a party worth $600. With this, you get twice the party time for a great price! You can play on 4 consoles and T.Vs, and have more time to game.

8 Hour Party:
$800- Party Time! You pay $
800 for a party worth $1200! You get 8 hours of gaming for an AMAZING price. You can play on 4 consoles and T.Vs, and you get a REALLY long time to play.

The Games Attack Story:

When it was my 10th birthday party I had a video game trailer company come to my house. My party was OK, but there were many restrictions in the trailer. They didn't have the popular games, they wouldn't let us eat or drink in the trailer, and most of the games didn't even work on multiplayer. The employees didn't know much about video gaming. My party was fine, but I knew even I could do better than that. So... I made my own company, Games Attack. I borrowed money from my grandparents and convinced my dad to be my helper/driver. I wanted kids to be able to say that their party was AWESOME not just OK. And I did! GAMERVEE is the best mobile video game entertainment vehicle in the DFW area! I am now 14 years old and I am really enjoying my job as the C.E.O of Gamervee (the Chief Entertainment Officer) and I hope we can do business some day! 
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