Mobile Video game Parties and airsoft 
We are exited to announce that we are now an authorized KWA airsoft dealer! We expanded from just video games to airsoft and gaming! 

KWA is an airsoft company which builds high quality equipment that will dominate the opposition and destroy your enemies. These high quality airsoft guns will last long, perform exceptionally, and will look intimidating on the battlefield. You will not find any other airsoft guns with the same quality as KWA.

Alex on his visit to 878 airsoft field in Texas.
The KWA AKG 74. A more tactical ak74u with a folding stock for easier travel.

The KWA AKG-KCR. The KWA AKG-KCR is based off of the KWA AKG platform, but with an AR15 style rear sight, then moved to the rear of the dust cover. This allows for the windage adjustment and improved accuracy with the increased sight radius.



Alexander, age 14.



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