Mobile Video game Parties and airsoft 
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Welcome to Games Attack!

Our main attraction is the GAMERVEE (the Games Attack Mobile Entertainment Response Vehicle). A new way to play and party, GAMERVEE  is a 30 foot long, mobile, luxuriously appointed, self contained, climate controlled (heat/air), fully powered, state of the art video gaming command center ready to deliver an incredible entertainment or educational experience available anywhere, and almost anytime, in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

GAMERVEE has four stations, multiple consoles, and comfortable seating allowing 16-20 gamers at a time.  It even has cup holders for your drinks! 

And yes, food and drink are allowed in the GAMERVEE. Gaming and eating is the best way to play.

But wait... I'm forgetting something... Oh yeah, while you're here, check out the KWA Airsoft link. It is really exciting to team up with KWA.

Call 469-964-6113 or Book Now to schedule your GAMERVEE Party featuring a wide array of games like MINECRAFT, CALL OF DUTY, RETRO TITLES, MARIO, SUPER SMASH BROS, SPORTS, HALO, and Much More.

Christopher likes it.

"I think GAMERVEE is the best because it looks cool, it has a great website, and it has the best staff! I would do this everyday if I could. I recommend this!!"
- Vincent
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